Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The new NOKIA 6124 Classic

Nokia announced their newest phone, the Nokia 6124 classic, available exclusively through Vodafone. This new handset is a compact multimedia cell phone option that will offer Vodafone users a fast and easy way to access all the features they are already used to via a sleek Nokia design. Nokia and Vodafone have come together to offer users all the high speed internet and entertainment options they have come to expect from their handset. The Nokia 6124 classic offers Vodafone users an easy access to the internet with the simple click of a button. The full suite of communications, content, Internet services and browsing will be at their fingertips. With the speed and convenience offered by this handset, the user can run several applications at once, even download from the internet while listening to music or talking on the phone… uninterrupted!

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