Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Nokia N810 WiMax

Nokia took the shroud off its WiMAX-capable N810 Tablet today, which promises 4g mobile broadband speeds for the handheld internet tablet. The updated N810 will use Sprint's Xohm service, and adds a new mobile dimension to the device, which was previously Wi-Fi only.
Aside from 4g internet, the N810 WiMAX Edition now allows firmware updates over the air without complete memory reformatting (3rd party apps can also utilize this wireless update protocol). The updated tablet also includes a few cosmetic changes to the OS interface and a new, Web 2.0-compatible Mozilla browser. Nokia claims the N810 seamlessly switches from WiMAX to Wi-Fi when available and features a new, Web 2.0-compatible Mozilla browser.

The n810 still has the same 4-inch touchscreen, same cameras, same GPS, and same 2 GB of storage (expandable to 10 with an 8 GB MicroSD card). It also still uses Nokia's MAEMO Linux interface, which is fully open source and supported by an online community specifically focused around the device. Because of the N810's open source emphasis, VoIP apps will function over WiMAX (something the iPhone SDK won't allow with its mobile internet). No price point has been set yet, but expect the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition in stores before the end of June.

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